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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Nov 22 10:23:06 MST 2003

Today at 5PM NYC time, Les Schaffer will be moving all Marxmail
subscribers to the U. of Utah server that hosts other lists, including the
A-List that Mark Jones started. The home page is:

Since Marxmail has subscribers world-wide, please consult to check the NYC time. Until the
move is completed--which should take only 15 minutes or so barring
unforseen glitches--we would ask you to refrain from posting. You will
receive a notice that you are resubbed as part of the procedure. This
notice will include a password that must be used to change your options on
mailman. Please retain this for future use.

Everybody who is on the regular list or the digest should have the same
kind of membership at Utah, as well as those who have posting rights but
who are not subbed. All the parameters that are in place at Panix will be
used at Utah, including prohibitions against attachments, a maximum post
size of 35k, etc.

I want to thank Hans Ehrbar, who teaches at U. of Utah and who has been
performing yeoman service for Marxism on the Internet for at least a
decade. Although everything is obviously contingent on the class struggle,
we are hoping that this relocation will help us in building an
infrastructure for the next 10 years at least.

Louis Proyect

Moderator, Marxmail

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