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Sat Nov 22 07:56:10 MST 2003

>Thank you for bearing with a stupid newbie.

Marxmail has a FAQ at: It replies to
these questions:

Can Marxism be made simple?
Can our system function without capitalists?
Is a profit motive necessary?
Does everybody get the same pay in socialist society?
What is the difference between socialism and communism?
Is there a ruling class in the United States?
Aren't socialists preachers of class war?
Isn't the US superior to the former USSR?
Isn't socialism un-American?
What about human nature?
A peaceful road to socialism?
What are the major classes in society?
What is historical materialism?
What is dialectical materialism?
What is a crisis of overproduction?
What is the "dictatorship of the proletariat"?
Can there be another 1929 or has capitalism figured out how to avoid such
What is uneven development?
What is the labor theory of value?
Did Marx predict 'immiseration' of the workers?
Was Marx an anti-Semite?
What is the fetishism of commodities?
David McMullen's Socialism FAQ

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