The Disability Gulag

Tony Abdo gojack10 at
Sat Nov 22 09:33:14 MST 2003

This issue of huge amounts of money being directed to"care" in all the wrong
ways is symptomatic of Social Democratic- New Deal policies, and is not just
a problem effecting people with disabilities.    Low income people needing
housing, food, and/or medical care, teenage mothers, children, the elderly,
people with work injuries, those with mental and/or emotional problems, and
even abandoned animals.... all face bureaucracies of "helpers".      And
these "helpers' all are self-righteous to the nth degree, simply because
they themselve face a contingent of others that want to not even fund the
real needs being alleviated by social funds, let alone just the jobs of the
bureaucracy that the professional set of "helpers" is always speaking out in
defense of.

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