[Marxism] Re: Blair quote

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Nov 21 12:28:08 MST 2003

>The prime minister replied: "What has caused the terrorist attack today in 
>Turkey is not the president of the United States, is not the alliance 
>between America and Britain. What is responsible for that terrorist attack 
>is terrorism."

That is of course for public consumption. There will be much more of that 
rhetoric.  But the Guardian's editorial ("Reaping the Whirlwind") reveals 
another face.  There is a section of the British and international ruling 
class that fears the brave new world that Blair has created by following 
the lead of George Bush.

Photo opportunities in British pubs appear more than a little irrelevant 
compared to photos of the horrific bombings in Istanbul.

Nero fiddled they say while Rome burned.  Yesterday George and Tony tucked 
into lemon creme brulee at the Dun Cow Inn, while out there in the real 
world people gazed in horror at the devastation caused by Al Qaida.  Well 
done Mr President and Mr Prime Minister!



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