[Marxism] Re: Iraq -- A New Vietnam?

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Nov 21 16:15:23 MST 2003

>More than that: not only they put the US but also the
>Western domination of the world into grave danger. If
>the US loses the war in Iraq, the West loses and I
>don't think the West is willing to let go of its
>domination. Expect European participation and more
>turmoil in the Middle East.
Sabri is right here.  But participation in the Save Imperialism drive is 
being carried into the peace movement by the United Nations wing.  Their 
argument is that we have a "duty" to Iraq now that prevents us from 
leaving.  Above all Liberals now sense the system is in crisis and they are 
responding to that. Their ultimate aim whatever the arguments advanced is 
to preserve the ultimate guarantor of the status quo - the American military.



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