[Marxism] Atrocity story about Cuba; clarification please

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 23 04:51:08 MST 2003

The article itself appears VERY specific,
but that doesn't make it credible or true.
The Moscow trial transcripts were filled
with very specific dates and places, etc.

I am not familiar with this one and took a
look at the web-page. It appears to be one
designed to provide propaganda support
for keeping the blockade, if you'll look
at the lower left-hand corner of the page
where a rotating series of slogans flash.
Not even a photograph or even a facsimile
of any thing real is depicted on the site,
so it's entirely possible that the entire
thing is entirely fabricated. Who knows?
There's no way to evaluate any of what is
claimed there based on internal evidence.

Notice the extensive link to opposition to
the return of Elian Gonzalez to his home
and family in Cuba. In other words, those
responsible for this website hold some of
the most extremist of rightwing views.
None of this means that something stated
there is not true, of course, but it does
make it appear dubious in the extreme.

What I will assume is that if someone was
put in jail from 1962-88 (24 years!0 they 
were not there for playing tiddly-winks 
with political opponents of the Cuban
Revolution or their children. Keep also
in mind there were still active armed
insurgencies going on in the island as
late as 1965. I'll take it for granted 
that they were doing something more than, 
as the cited website tells its readers: 
"for opposing Castro's tyranny."


An Indonesian comrade has asked me to 
comment on the following story, which 
obviously comes from a reactionary 
source, which is not of course to say 
there mightn't be some factual basis 
somewhere - the best lies are best on 
a smidgeon of fact. Could someone on 
this list who is knowledgeable about 
Cuba have a look and give me some 
comments, on or off-list?

The Massacre of Cuban-Chinese

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