[Marxism] IRSP: Rebuilding the Republican Socialist Alternative

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23 November 2003
Irish Republican Socialist Party

Rebuilding the Republican Socialist Alternative

"Let us look to a higher motive than praise or profit - to promote
truth and labour together, as Irishmen, bound by love of country,
which is far higher and stronger tie than any human obligation." -
Jemmy Hope

The Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) will be using this week's
election to signal our call for republican socialist politics to be
put at the heart of the Irish political agenda. The party is
distributing 250,000 leaflets and posters across the six counties
laying out the bare minimum voters should expect from the candidates
asking for their vote on Wednesday. The leaflet campaign calls on
voters to use their votes intelligently and not be fooled by the
negative political agenda of the New Stormont.

The IRSP believe that the choice being offered to the electorate is
that between maintaining the present status quo and that of a return
to the past. Is there one party standing in opposition to the
programme of government? If there were, how would they fit into the
Unionist, Nationalist, or Other political agenda of the New Stormont?
Where is the real opposition to maintaining the status quo?

This leaflet and poster campaign is the beginning of the IRSP laying
out its political stock for the future and in doing so highlighting
the lack of real change there has been for many within our

We will not call for a vote for any candidates in this election. The
people are wise enough to decide who they should vote for or indeed
if there is any point in them casting a vote. In the future our
working class should have an alternative, the republican socialist
alternative. There needs to be a realignment of the left. The IRSP
are calling on all republican socialists and radicals to forge a new
unity of the left around opposition to the neo-liberal economic
agenda that the last power-sharing executive implemented, for working
class unity, and opposition to an imposed imperialist solution to the
Irish question.

Immediately after these elections the IRSP will be encouraging debate
and dialogue amongst all those who can agree with the need for a new


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