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Sun Nov 23 14:06:49 MST 2003

Attacks on convoys kill 3 U.S. troops
Three U.S. soldiers die in accidents
Sunday, November 23, 2003 Posted: 2041 GMT ( 4:41 AM HKT)

Soldiers stand near the vehicle of two soldiers killed in an attack in 
Mosul on Sunday. 

BAGHDAD (CNN) -- Three U.S. soldiers were killed Sunday in 
separate attacks on their military convoys in Iraq, according to the 
U.S. military. 

Two soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division were killed Sunday 
when their convoy came under attack by small-arms fire in the 
northern town of Mosul, according to a U.S. Army spokesman. 

Witnesses told CNN the soldiers were shot and wounded while 
riding in a civilian vehicle. Men then cut the soldiers' throats while 
they were still in the vehicle and a crowd of Iraqis, including 
children, stripped their bodies of personal effects and weapons, the 
witnesses said. 

Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt would not comment on the details of the 

Another U.S. soldier was killed and two were wounded Sunday 
morning near Ba'qubah, north of Baghdad, when a military convoy 
hit a roadside bomb, according to a spokesman for the 4th Infantry 

The wounded soldiers are in a stable condition, the spokesman 

In addition, vehicle accidents claimed the lives of three other 
soldiers Friday and Saturday, and Iraqi sources said an Iraqi police 
colonel charged with security at oil installations was shot and killed 
in northern Iraq. 

The deaths bring the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in the Iraq 
war to 432 -- 300 of them under hostile conditions. 

Since May 1, when President Bush declared the end of major 
combat operations, 290 U.S. troops have died, 185 from hostile 

Despite the losses, Kimmitt said the guerrilla attacks are not 
having a major impact on the occupation forces' mission in Iraq. 

"This is a enemy that cannot defeat us militarily, and in 
engagement after engagement, we see the enemy breaking off, 
running away," he told reporters. 

No reliable estimate of Iraqi deaths over the course of the conflict is 
available. The Associated Press reported an estimated 3,240 
civilian Iraqi deaths between March 20 and April 20, but the AP 
said the figure was based on records of only half of Iraq's hospitals 
and that the actual number was thought to be significantly higher. 

Civilian flights suspended after missile attack
U.S. authorities in Iraq suspended civilian flights into Baghdad's 
international airport Sunday after a cargo plane was damaged by a 
surface-to-air missile over the weekend. 

Military air traffic into Baghdad will continue, Coalition Provisional 
Authority spokesman Dan Senor said. 

A DHL flight was struck by a surface-to-air missile shortly after 
takeoff Saturday from Baghdad, military officials said. The missile 
struck one of the jet's engines, and the aircraft returned safely to 
the airport, its left wing ablaze. No one was hurt. (Full story) 

The U.S. Air Force is conducting an investigation into the attack, 
Kimmitt said. 

DHL and passenger carrier Royal Jordanian Airlines are the only 
companies flying into Baghdad. 

Other Developments
• An explosion at an oil compound near the northern city of Kirkuk 
injured four employees Saturday night, according to Iraqi Northern 
Oil Co. spokesman Mike McAleer. A preliminary investigation 
indicated that the blast at the oil company's Baba Cultural Social 
Club was caused by a bomb, McAleer said. 

• Iraqi civilians flagged down an Iraqi Railroad train early Sunday to 
prevent it from approaching an improvised explosive device placed 
on the tracks near the town of Iskandariyah, south of Baghdad. 
Central Command said the bomb was made of three 155mm 
artillery rounds linked together. An ordnance disposal team 
attached to the 82nd Airborne Division disarmed the device, and 
the rail line reopened. 

-- CNN correspondents Jane Arraf and Walter Rodgers contributed 
to this report. 

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