[Marxism] Democratic Co-creators of Growing Inequalities in America...

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Nov 24 07:32:56 MST 2003

The Democratic role in creating a massive black hole in the Middle East
for resources and lives should not eclipse its importance as the
"liberal" face of Reaganite greed gone mad.

There was a very revealing episode of Bill Moyer's NOW this past week
focusing on the rapid growth of vast economic inequalities in the United
States.  In it, economist Robert Pollin stated, "The average corporate
executive, even at the end of the George Bush I administration, was
making a lot more than the average worker. 119 times more. But by the
end of the Clinton administration, so that's only over a course of eight
years, the average corporate executive is making 449 times more than the
average worker."

This is a tidbit worthy of wider circulation.  

All of you CEOs would be well-advised to consider voting for another
Democratic president.  Anyone considering voting Democratic who is not a

Mark L.

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