[Marxism] a quick primer on MailMan features and setting mail delivery options

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Nov 24 09:36:44 MST 2003

Now that the list has been moved over to the new server, it's time to
discuss the range of features and options the new listserv software
offers to marxmail subscribers.

I urge EVERYONE to read this email sometime in the next week and
acquaint yourself with the capabilities of the web-based option

0.) to repeat, you should now send email to 
      marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu 

1.) i have configured the listserv software to AUTOMATICALLY convert
HTML to plain text. i hear there may be some problems with the
conversion, but i tested it over the weekend and it seems to work
fine. if i start seeing reports of text corruption due to the
conversion, i will look into it.

2.) If you go away on vacation, there is no longer any need to
unsubscribe, instead simply set the "Disabled" option for "Mail
delivery" in the options panel. when you return from vacation, simply
reset this option to "Enabled" to have your list mail delivered again.

3.) You can now seamlessly switch between web-based and regular
subscription. As in item 2, all you need to do in order to be on the
"web-based" subscription list is "Disable" the mail delivery. this way
you can still SEND messages to the list, but read posts on the
web. When you want to return to normal subscription, simply reset the
"Mail delivery" option to "Enabled".

   if you post from several different email locations, you can
subscribe as a regular member from one of them, and set up the other
locations with Disabled mail delivery.

4.) You can shift between digest mode and regular mail mode using the
web interface. simply turn ON the "Set Digest Mode" option to receive
the posts in digest form. Turn OFF to receive one email per submitted
post. See 7.) below for MIME formatted Digests.

5.) ok, to get to the options panel, do this:

   browse to:  http://lists.econ.utah.edu/mailman/listinfo/marxism

   enter your subscribed email address at the bottom where it says
   "Unsubscribe or edit options" and then click that button

   enter the password you received when you were subscribed to the
   list on Sunday and hit enter. Everyone who subscribes will receive
   an email with the password, and it will be sent as a courtesy
   reminder once a month thereafter
   scroll down to "Your Marxism Subscription Options"

   select the options you want to change and then click on the "Submit
   My Changes" button at the bottom of the screen. it's that easy

6.) Similar instructions apply to unsubscribing or having your
password emailed to you. 

7.) MIME Digests: Several email applications are designed to take
advantage of what is termed MIME-formatted mail digests. Naturally,
Microsoft applications are not one of these. But if you use Emacs
mail, or Pegasus, and perhaps some others i am not aware of, you
should definitely select the MIME option in "Get MIME or Plain Text
Digests?". When you receive your digest, you will be able to read it
like a separate mail folder, that is, you will be able to read EACH
post in the digest as if it was an individual email. Personally, all
digest subscriptions i have come MIME formatted; digests are
impossible to read IMHO without this feature.

7.) I will discuss some of the other Options available later on. These
are the basics needed to get started.

contact me if you need help twiddling these new features.

les schaffer

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