[Marxism] Trend in the exploitation rate of the labour force in the UK

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British workers will do unpaid overtime worth £23bn this year, according to
a TUC survey today which showed that millions of people are putting in the
equivalent of an extra day's work every week for no additional financial
reward. The survey found that more that five million workers average seven
hours and 24 minutes of unpaid overtime a week. If they were paid for the
extra work at their normal rates of pay, they would each average an
additional £4,500 a year.
Foregone overtime payments range from £1,749 a year for 500,000 clerical
workers to £8,736 a year for 1.4 million professionals. The TUC said its
figures were based on calculations from the government's labour force
statistics and the official earnings survey. They will be made available
today in the form of an online calculator (see below), allowing people to
fill in the hours they are meant to work, the hours they actually work and
their pay. They will be told how much they would have earned for their extra
hours if they were paid at the normal hourly rate, or at time and a half.

Brendan Barber, the general secretary, said: "Britons work the longest hours
in Europe, and these figures show much of it is unpaid overtime. We're not
saying we should turn into a nation of clock-watchers, or that no one should
put in extra work when there's an emergency or rush of orders. But many
people are clearly putting in the equivalent of an extra day every week."

The survey showed unpaid overtime has extended into jobs where extra payment
was traditionally expected. Across the UK more than 160,000 craft workers
put in an average of six hours' unpaid overtime a week, worth £2,811 a year
if they were paid at the normal hourly rate. Elsewhere, more than 70,000
plant and machine operatives average five hours and 36 minutes of overtime,
worth £2,277. Managers are the largest group doing unpaid overtime, with 1.6
million averaging eight-and-a-half hours of overtime a week, worth £7,982.
The longest overtime is worked by professionals, who average nine hours 36

Source: http://money.guardian.co.uk/work/story/0,1456,1092148,00.html

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