[Marxism] Re: Aussie left nationalism

Peter Evans peterevans at wyddfa.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 17:08:12 MST 2003

Tom O'Lincoln wrote:

>> the greater danger recently has been spending too much time watching
rugby matches, where
>> there is nothing left about the nationalism at all. Aussie Aussie Aussie,
Oink Oink Oink.
>> Thank God the Poms won.

I can only echo this revolutionary defeatist sentiment from the point of
view of someone living in England. I was willing Australia on in extra time,
and distraught that England won. As well as my anathema to English
nationalism, I have a basic class hatred of those in England,  the yob wing
of the bourgeoisie,  who organise the Union version of egg chasing. I think
it was George Orwell who said that a bomb placed in the main stand of
Twickenham (the national stadium of Rugby Union) would set back British
fascism by a generation. During the miners' strike in 1984 we organised a
match between a group of South Wales miners (where Rugby Union is a working
class game) and Lancashire miners (a Rugby League stronghold):  they were to
play Union rules in one half and League rules in the other. Shortly before
the game was to be played the Welsh miners had to withdraw: they'd been
informed by the RU authorities that they would be banned for life if they
took part! We used to categorise the RU authority's position as "For
sporting links with South Africa. Against sporting links with the north of
England". Did you know, by the way, that Pétain (a Rugby Union supporter)
personally signed the decree making the playing of Rugby League illegal in
Vichy France?

Pete Evans

(Apologies to those in the US who don't know what the hell we are talking

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