[Marxism] Slandering Michael Parenti

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 24 17:52:27 MST 2003

I am assuming that Greg Yardley wannabe Michael Pugliese wrote this in 
private note to Chris Brady, which he forwarded to the list unfortunately:

 >>His book, "To Kill A Nation, " on the ex-Yugoslavia has tons of 
footnotes to wretched far right writers like the publicist for Radovan 
Karazdic, Srjda Trifkovic who writes for Chronicles 
http://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/ and Thatcherite think tanks like the 
Lord Byron Society. RUBBISH!<<

As it turns out, I have a copy of Parenti's "To Kill a Nation" on my desk 
right now and there are not "tons" of citations from right wing writers. 
Among the over 400 footnotes, there are only two that refer to Srjda 
Trifkovic--both in chapter ten which deals with Kosovo. In one citation, we 
learn from her that the province's name was changed from "Metohija" in 1969 
to "Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo". Horrors of horrors. A 
slippery slope from that formulation to denying that the Nazis killed any Jews.

I have to admit that on the next page she says:

"Kosovo Albanian [separatists] persecuted the Serbs. They desecrated their 
churches, stole or destroyed their property, employed duress to get them to 
sell their holdings, and engaged in other acts designed to force them to 
leave Kosovo. Even Serbian professionals . . . were told, as a condition of 
their continued employment, that they must learn Albanian."

We must admit that anybody who says such a thing would not get invited to 
David Rieff's next cocktail party or to speak at a DSA plenary. However, in 
the paragraph immediately above this one, we learn that:

"Ethnic Albanians in the [provincial] government have manipulated public 
funds and regulations to take over land belonging to Serbs. . . . Slavic 
Orthodox churches have been attacked, and flags have been torn down. Wells 
have been poisoned and crops burned. Slavic boys have been knifed, and some 
young ethnic Albanians have been told by their elders to rape Serbian 
girls. ... As the Slavs flee the protracted violence, Kosovo is becoming 
what ethnic Albanian nationalists have been demanding for years ... an 
'ethnically pure' Albanian region."

So who wrote this horrid red-brown stuff? Michael Chussodovsky? Diana 
Johnstone? The late Sean Gervasi?

No, in fact it was from an article in the Nov. 1, 1987 NY Times, the 
favorite outlet for the Cruise-Missile left.

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