[Marxism] Re Aussie nationalism

Peter Boyle peterb at dsp.org.au
Mon Nov 24 21:21:07 MST 2003

David Murray wrote: 
"Although you mentioned the PBS, you don't elaborate. Should
we be defending the PBS or is it a false example of
government regulatory illusions? For example a few weeks
ago, my organisation was slandered for being workerist (PS:
Anyone who uses the word workerist is not a socialist) for
raisin the iminent sacrifice of the PBS at the anti-Bush
protests, by Peter Biyle." 

My point in that post
on the Green Left discussion list was not that defending the
PBS was wrong in general but that counterposing it as a more
working class issue than opposition to the war in Iraq, the
main issue taken up by the anti-Bash protests last month in
Australia was sectarian. 

But Marxism List members can read the Socialist Party
article and judge for themselves: 


Peter Boyle

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