[Marxism] Scandal Rocks Baylor University, Home U for the BushGang

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 24 23:40:09 MST 2003

Robin, you are entirely too kind to the Southern Baptists of Baylor.     Let 
me add some additional notes about this scandal.

Tom Stanton, the former Baylor athletic director who directed the coverup by 
former Baylor basketball head coach Bliss was forced to resign, too.    But 
he was defended publicly by Walmart bigwig, and Houston Astros owner, 
Drayton McLane, who called for him to stay on.    Evidently, he was 
overruled by the Baylor president Sloan, who himself is fighting to save 
himself from this scandal.    But here is the interesting aspect of this...  
  Drayton McLane is a big cheese contributor to Bush's career.      He 
donated almost $100,000 to Bush's drive to get into the governor's office in 
Texas.      Like the ENRON crowd, McLane is in big time with the Bush Klan.

Further on ex coach Bliss.     He was the basketball coach of SMU at the 
time it became the first school to get the NCAA "eath penalty" for its 
football program.    Bliss slipped on past, while doing the exact thingsthat 
the football crowd was doing with paying off athletes.     This is what was 
being covered up by the murder of his Baylor star player who threatened to 
spill the beans.

Now lets add to this the racial element.      The accused is Black, the dead 
athlete is Black, and the Baylor assistant coach who spilled the beans on 
headcoach Bliss is Black.    And the dad of the victim is Black and is 
accusing the entire White Baylor administration and White athletic honchos 
of being involved in an assassination of his son.     And the national press 
stays quiet about this racial aspect of the scandal!

What was Baylor's president's response to the revelations by the tapes 
recorded by Black assistant coach, Abar Rouse?     Why it was to demand that 
Rouse quit his position!      The whistleblower got canned!


Baylor's AD decides to take an earlier exit
University's chief financial officer will be interim director

06:58 PM CDT on Wednesday, August 20, 2003

By LINDA K. WERTHEIMER / The Dallas Morning News

Baylor University's chief financial officer took over the sports department 
Tuesday, after the athletic director decided to quit early in the aftermath 
of what he called sickening revelations by the former basketball coach.

David Brooks, who has worked as Baylor's vice president for finance and 
administration since 2000, will oversee athletics until a new director is 
hired. He is the brother of Duane Brooks, a Baylor regent and Houston-area 

Tom Stanton, the athletic director, had announced his resignation 12 days 
ago, the same day that head basketball coach Dave Bliss quit. But while Mr. 
Bliss left immediately, Mr. Stanton stayed on the job temporarily at the 
urging of a longtime friend, Baylor President Robert Sloan.

That Mr. Stanton remained drew criticism from some faculty, alumni and 
former regents. Dr. Sloan said Tuesday that Mr. Stanton was leaving of his 
own volition, not because of pressure. Mr. Stanton, Baylor's athletic 
director since 1996, probably would stay on campus until Friday, Dr. Sloan 

"It's his decision to go ahead and make the move immediately," Dr. Sloan 
told The Dallas Morning News.

Mr. Stanton, who did not respond to a request for an interview Tuesday, 
released a statement. He said it was better for him, his family and Baylor 
for him to support the school as an alumnus, rather than athletic director.

"These past few months have been the most difficult period of my life," he 
said in the prepared statement. "There have been many families that have 
suffered throughout this ordeal. ... Unfair speculation and innuendo 
reported in the media has also taken a toll on my family."

He said he was sickened by revelations that Mr. Bliss tried to enlist 
players and an assistant coach to cover up NCAA violations after the death 
of player Patrick Dennehy.

"I feel betrayed and cannot conceive of how he could have justified his 
actions," Mr. Stanton said. "I may never understand it."

Mr. Brooks, a Baylor alumnus, took no questions at the news conference in 
Waco after his appointment was announced. Mr. Brooks, former president of 
the McKinney school board, previously was chairman and chief executive 
officer of First Bank Group in McKinney.

Dr. Sloan and Mr. Stanton became good friends during their years as 
colleagues at Baylor but first became acquainted during high school in 
Abilene. They also attended Baylor during the same period.

Some critics, including former regents and faculty leaders at Baylor, say 
they believe the pair's friendship prevented Dr. Sloan from persuading Mr. 
Stanton to quit sooner.

Mr. Stanton's departure is a wise decision, but it came too late, said 
Charles Weaver, a Baylor neuroscience professor and chairman of the school's 
faculty senate.

"When you've got a scandal of this magnitude, restoration of credibility is 
paramount," Dr. Weaver said. "The people didn't trust that he had really 
been removed. The fact that he was still there gave it a hollow appearance."

Dr. Sloan stood by his decision to allow Mr. Stanton to stay on the job 
until a replacement was found.

"This has nothing to do with our friendship," Dr. Sloan said. "I asked Tom 
to stay for a short period of time because I wanted to make a clear 
distinction between Tom's situation and Dave Bliss' situation."

There has been no evidence that Mr. Stanton was involved in or had knowledge 
of potential NCAA violations, said Dr. Sloan, who has placed the men's 
basketball program on two years probation.

Drayton McLane, the chairman of Baylor's board of regents, said he supported 
Dr. Sloan's decision to keep Mr. Stanton on temporarily.

Mr. McLane, owner of the Houston Astros, reiterated that university 
investigators have found no evidence of wrongdoing by Mr. Stanton.

"But it was under his administration," Mr. McLane said. "Tom was as shocked 
as everyone when the information came out about Coach Bliss' involvement in 
the tuition payments."

Dr. Sloan noted that Mr. Stanton, often criticized for the football team's 
poor record, made many improvements. The school led the Big 12 Conference in 
graduation rates four out of the last seven years, he said. Mr. Stanton 
faced criticism early on as athletic director because he came to the job 
after years of working in marketing, rather than in sports.

Meanwhile, three assistant coaches who worked under Mr. Bliss remain on 
Baylor's payroll, Dr. Sloan said. The status of those coaches – Doug Ash, 
Rodney Belcher and Abar Rouse – is under review, he said.

Asked whether any of the coaches had been placed on suspension, Dr. Sloan 
said he could not discuss that.

"These are personnel issues," he said. "It's part of an ongoing 

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