[Marxism] on cross-posting

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Nov 25 08:09:25 MST 2003

I've changed the MailMan settings so that posts with many recipients
on the To: list get thru directly to the list. For the last several
days posts with more than 7 recipients were put on hold for my

the problem with this type of cross-posting is that often times
someone will respond to that post from another list, and respond in
such a way that ALL the recipients are copied. We (Lou and I) then get
a submission from someone who is unsubscribed, and have to deal with
the bounce.

i would ask that if you cross-post, instead of putting recipients in
the To: field you enter them into the Cc: field. The post will still
be acccepted at marxism, but when unsubscribed recipients hit reply,
they will have to SELECT which address they want to reply to, lowering
the probability of a false posting to this list.

Walter, Fred, Macdonald, etc take note.

les schaffer

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