[Marxism] Re: Redbaiting

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 25 16:57:39 MST 2003

Tom Carlsson wrote:
>Gimme ammo!
>I am a lurker on Marxmail and i visit the 100 latest list several times a day.
>I think it´s a very good place.
>I am a member of a communist party. Our local paper are fiercely 
>anti-communist(by swedish standards)
>and accuse us of being anti-democratic and they are trying to equate nazis 
>and communists by simply
>calling it extremism or gangsterism. They are afraid of us.
>We are of course the most democratic party of all.
>However, I wonder if you could answer some questions that frequently come up.
>  Was tsaristic russia a booming economy when the bolsjeviks took power? 
> Did "Lenin" ruin the economy?
>Could there have been a development towards parlamentarism and"democracy" 
>in Russia based on
>wheatexport from ukraine and steelexport from sibiria?
>Are there som statistics here?

Tom, I am forwarding this to the list. I am sure that you will get some 
replies. If not, I will take a shot myself.

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