[Marxism] US terrorises Iraqis: resistance strengthens - Green Left Weekly #563 November 26, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
Australia's socialist newspaper
Issue #563 November 26, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an 
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Featured this week: US Terrorises Iraqis: Resistance strengthens

IRAQ: US terrorises civilians

Medicare Plus? Medicare fraud!
David Barsamian: Fighting the US propaganda machine
You've got a friend!

IRAQ: US accelerates creation of puppet regime
PHILIPPINES: `My son is fighting for his life and justice'
BRITAIN: A killer comes to town: 200,000 march against Bush
Australians Against the War deliver protest letter
SCOTLAND: `Bush' thrown out of parliament
EUROPEAN SOCIAL FORUM: `Constructing another Europe, another world'
SOUTH KOREA: Strike wave over repressive labour laws
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: General strike against neoliberal policies
WORLD ECONOMY: WTO ruling open way to US-EU trade war
UNITED STATES: 30,000 protest against FTAA

Australia - the miracle economy?
Auburn waste dump battle continues
Nelson's concessions mean we should press attack
EDITORIAL: Australian military to train puppet Iraqi army
Allegations of violence in the union movement
Meeting hears harrowing tales of mistreatment of refugees
Green Left Weekly's web readers

Ideas to resist the empire
Protest against Carr's attacks on TAFE
Protesters support asylum seekers
Broad-scale land clearing continues in Qld
Stevedoring at White Bay to end
Activist defeats incumbent official in AMWU elections
Skilled Engineering refuse work to Patrick staff
Patrick workers protest over union rights
300 protesters march on Footscray police station
11,000 teachers strike in WA
Newcastle protesters march on parliament
A very different parliamentarian
DET workers strike against job cuts

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The greatest terrorist state of all time
Louis Proyect on Frida: an injustice to Kahlo, art and Trotsky
How the WTO works

Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
Loose cannons
Chris Kelly cartoon

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