[Marxism] New poll about SF Mayoral election: Gonzalez (Green) 52%, Newsom (Democrat) 45%

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 25 19:11:20 MST 2003

Poll: Gonzalez Ahead in Race for SF Mayor
Supervisor Matt Gonzalez is the front-runner,
according to a new CBS 5 poll.
Manuel Ramos

Supervisor Matt Gonzalez is not used to being in the

"I'm pleased. I'm flattered," the candidate for mayor
of San Francisco said. "The end goal is to win on
Election Day, so whenever you hear news like this
earlier, you're not really sure."

A CBS 5 poll shows that if the election were held
Tuesday, Gonzalez would get 52% of the vote in the
race for City Hall. His opponent, Supervisor Gavin
Newsom, would get 45%, according to the Survey USA

"All the polls have been all over the place, which
suggests that this race is hardly over," said Newsom.
"It's very much in play."

The poll says that Gonzalez has gained among those who
voted for someone else in the general election. In
fact, just looking at those voters, Gonzalez went up
from 59% to 64% in just a week in a half. Newsom
dropped a little, from 29% to 27%.

"We've taken some tough risks on some of the issues,"
Newsom said. "I want to stand on principle, and we'll
continue to fight. If people want real change and want
real reform, not rhetoric, then they have a clear

Gonzalez echoed the sentiment.

"I've been criticized for not doing things in the more
political way, being more generous with promises and
guarantees," he said. "But I have tried to stay true
to my values and I hope that is what is resonating."

But according to Survey USA, Gonzalez leads among
voters who are certain they are going to the polls.
Probable voters lean towards Newsom, so turnout will
be important.

"It sounds like I am no longer the front runner,"
Newsom saisd. "I was for nine months. Now, we've got a
lot of work to do. Clearly we're going to have to work
hard in the next 14 days."

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