[Marxism] Green/Broad Left candidate favored to defeat Democrat in SF

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FFRONTLINES, the Newspaper of the Left

No other newspaper on the Left, or a mainstream
newspaper for that matter, is covering the historic
San Francisco Mayoral Election like Frontlines. 
Frontlines pushed the Green and broad left candidate
Matt Gonzalez to run for a year before he declared his
candidacy last August 8, 2003.

According to the latest USA Survey / KPIX's poll
Gonzalez is leading 52% to 45% (11/24).  In the
previous poll, Gonzalez was leading 49% to 47%
(11/14).  The Runoff Election is taking place on
Tuesday, December 9. The first round took place last
November 4, 2003.

A vast movement of students, labor unions, artists,
immigrants and Latino, African American and Chinese
community activists are now backing Gonzalez.  If he
wins will represent the defeat of the third largest
Democratic Party machine in the US and will change the
national political landscape for years to come.

Frontline published 24 articles about this election so
far and is now launching a daily online coverage of
Gonzalez and his movement.  You may follow the
campaign by going to: http://www.sf-frontlines.com

These are some of the articles published until now
that you can read online:

By Carlos Petroni

SAN FRANCISCO - The December 9 San Francisco Mayoral
runoff election pitting New Democrat, neo-liberal,
pro-war Gavin Newsom against Green and broad left
candidate Matt Gonzalez is an event which will have
extraordinary repercussions on and implications for US

Read the complete article at:


* Gonzalez vs. Newsom: The Future of Bayview Hunters
Point and the African American Community is On the

* Gonzalez & Newsom Face Off on 19 Issues. When it
comes to issues important for people of color and
workers, the record speaks for itself.
* Gavin Newsom, if elected, will preside over a
government of Bechtel, for the GAP and by Chevron

* Compassionate Conservatism is a Bi-Partisan Value
* Gavin Newsom voted against Antiwar Resolution and
refused to vote against the Patriot Act

* Gavin Newsom: The Anti-Tenant Candidate's Record and
His support for Landlordism
* How the Chronicle and Examiner Distort the Facts:
Newsom lost 58% to 42% on November 4. Going into the
December 9 Runoff Election, Gonzalez is leading 49% to

* Victory for the Left: Progressive and Broad Left
candidate Matt Gonzalez in the Runoff Election vs.
Neo-Liberal Gavin Newsom
* Who is Gavin Newsom? The danger of corporate
welfare, anti-poor legislation, and City's chaos and


* Matt: Why I'm running

* What Matt Stands for? Progressive Economics, Radical
Democracy, Social Justice

* Matt on Building the Movement, Party, Elections and


* Why and How Tom Ammiano Lost his Thunder...

* San Francisco Mayoral Political Dictionary 101

* Will Willie Brown and the political machine be gone
on November 4?

* Which Mayoral Candidates are willing to Support
Democracy? The Right to Vote for Non-Citizens.


* 2003 SF Mayoral Election: The Betrayal and Lies of
the Bay Guardian and Bruce Brugman

* Why are the CP, CofC, ISO and WWP not supporting a
left victory in the SF Mayoral election? And what the
heck does that alphabet soup mean, anyway? 

* SF Greens Mayoral forum: Democrats, Demo-Greens,

* Matt Gonzalez got the overwhelming nod from Green
Party, Demogreens routed... 

* Lucrecia withdraws from SF Mayoral election,
supports Matt Gonzalez' bid

You can read all these articles and follow the daily
news directly from the campaign trail at:

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