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Dear Pete, 

  please let me add some more comments on that discussion that Walter
Lippmann started with his comments on an article in the recent "The

  I get worried when a paper edited and printed in New York, USA, "in
the interests of working people" starts worrying about
"Anti-Americanism"; I would expect such worries only from bourgeois

  To me this is far cry from Malcom X's statement that "I am not an
American, I am a victim of americanism", which The Militant likes (or
liked?) to quote. I also remember Jack Barnes speaking in Oberlin (in
the skating rink), praising the Iranian students shouting "Death to
America!" and vowing that he would join in this chant. 

  Sure, the mass movement which mobilizes in the streets against the
Iraq war and occupation is very confused, which results also from the
attitude of the European imperialists who see their interests being
threatened by the unilateral military conquests of their US-american

  But even German prime minister Schröder, who played with opposition
against the US attack on Iraq, not only because of the interests of
the German capitalists, but also as a trick to win the 2002
elections, was very much against that some more prominent members of
the two parties in his government coalition took part in the Februry
15, 2003, demonstration in Berlin. 

   But what to do about all that confusion? Staying on the sidelines,
just propagandizing? Or mobilizing for the demonstration with a clear
program of immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all occupation
troops from Iraq, instead of demanding to internationalize the
occupation and the "white man's burden" via the UN or other means to
give the US's competitors a bigger foothold in the country. 

   Let me end quoting from earlier editions of "The Militant" where a
better line than the one followed today was proposed: 

>From the Militant, vol.60/no.17, April 29, 1996
"Rebellions Don't Explode Politely"
---- quote -----------------
It certainly would be fantastic if the
Palestinians or the Irish freedom struggle had a leadership of
the caliber of Malcolm X, Mandela, or Fidel Castro. But should
they stop fighting until leadership of that caliber develops?

   The key task for communists is not to criticize those who
are resisting oppression but search them out, fight shoulder to
shoulder with them, learn from them, and in the process arm them
with the lessons of past struggles. 
------------- unquote --------
> http://www.themilitant.com/1996/6017/6017_9.html

  See also Lenin's article on "The Irish Rebellion of 1916" which was
published in issue #1 of "New International" and reprinted in "The
Militant" Vol.60/No.16, April 22, 1996 
> http://www.themilitant.com/1996/6016/6016_14.html

---- quote -----------------
 The socialist revolution in Europe cannot be anything other than an
outburst of mass struggle on the part of all and sundry oppressed and
discontented elements. Inevitably, sections of the petty bourgeoisie
and of the backward workers will participate in it - without such
participation, mass struggle is impossible, without it no revolution
is possible - and just as inevitably will they bring into the
movement their prejudices, their reactionary fantasies, their
weaknesses and errors.
------------- unquote --------

   In this article Lenin also ridicules the expectation to see "one
army [lining] up in one place and [saying], 'We are for socialism,'
and another, somewhere else and [saying], 'We are for imperialism,'
and that will be a social revolution! [...]

Whoever expects a 'pure' social revolution will never live to see it.
Such a person pays lip service to revolution without understanding
what revolution is...."

   I still hope that some big events will shake up the SWP and bring
it back on course. It would be really a big loss to see this party
with its proud history go to pots. 

Comradely yours, 
Lüko Willms
/------------------------------------ http://www.mlwerke.de 
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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