[Marxism] Re: US SWP participation in UK anti-war protests

Peter Evans peterevans at wyddfa.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 07:26:16 MST 2003

I'm planning a write reply to the various criticisms of my analysis of the
role of inter-imperialist rivalry, especially that between Europe and the
USA, not only by those who just dismiss the question but the more serious
criticism of Jose Perez that this in some way detracts from the conflict
between the imperialist countries and the countries oppressed by
imperialism. But if I don't manage to finish it before the weekend it will
have to wait a bit. (How on earth do the subscribers to this list find the
time to read all the postings?).

I can't refrain from answering a couple of factual points, though. Walter,
in all sincerity, I think you should consider doing what I am doing on
Friday morning and getting your eyes tested. The article on the meeting
wasn't the main article in either the print or web editions of the paper --
that was entitled "U.S occupiers in Iraq launch 'Iron Hammer'". In the print
edition the article on the meeting was on page seven. And the attendance at
the meeting, sixty five, was given in the first paragraph of the article you
so carefully scrutinised!

Philip Ferguson in a posting full of talk about "clones", "orders from New
York", and the dangers of circulating literature not produced in the country
you live in, refers to me as a CL member. I haven't been a member of any
political organisation (other than groups such as the Cuba Solidarity
Campaign and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign) for over a decade.

Pete Evans

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