[Marxism] Too many humans?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 26 08:40:47 MST 2003

Mark Lause wrote:
> I don't claim to understand how anyone can come up with such figures as
> 1,000 times too many to be sustainable.  The entire problem is that
> what's sustainable does change over time, owing to a range of factors in
> which human will and technology are sometimes minor considerations.

It is not that hard, really. You can take, for example, the energy, 
water and food requirements of the average worker in a G7 country. The 
amount of water required to produce 1 pound of California beef is 2,464 
gallons according to the Water Education Foundation in Sacramento. It is 
not Malthusian to state that this is not an effective use of resources. 
There is an unlimited amount of soil in the USA, but the Oglalla aquifer 
is not replenishable. Socialism can do wonderful things, but 
unfortunately it cannot synthesize H2O.


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