[Marxism] Re: US SWP participation in UK anti-war protests

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 26 08:56:52 MST 2003

Dear Peter Evans, 
(and anyone else interested 
in and following the SWP of
the United States)

Thanks for clarifying that the London Pathfinder
celebration drew an audience of sixty five. It's
true I spend too much time on line and so I will
take your work for it on the attendance figure.

As yet, unless my eyes still need further testing,
The Militant has not raised the demand for the
immediate, unconditional withdrawal of US troops
from Iraq. I'm still curious why the SWP is not
raising this simple demand. This is the political
demand which signifies support to the right of
Iraq to determine its own destiny, and the total
lack of legitimacy for the US war against and its
occupation of Iraq. 

Back in the sixties, when we (in the US SWP) were
active in the anti-Vietnam war movement, we said
and fought relentlessly for the demand for the
immediate withdrawal of US troops, which we also
popularized in the slogan "Bring the troops home
now!" This is what seems most glaringly missing
from what the SWP is saying these days. Could it
be possible that the US SWP does NOT favor the
immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US
troops from Iraq, or am I missing something?

Your help in explaining this very prominent but
curious omission will be much appreciated.

Walter Lippmann

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