[Marxism] Re.: We lack panache

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 26 09:09:33 MST 2003

“a warrior society?”
How absolutely darling!
Big, metal and feathered hats like Spartans, bold uniforms like the SS!
Well-oiled and buff(ed) muscle-men wrestling au natural!

“seek out the sort of people who aren’t normally inclined to join the
military --idealistic college students who hope to become doctors,
lawyers, politicians or engineers and are eager to do something noble
(and burnish their resumes) by serving their country.”

Oh, yes!  Lawyers especially.  And give those sons of the petty
bourgeoisie a pleasant taste of combat to savour for the rest of their
days –if they don’t lose limbs or lives.  (N.B.: no mention of MBA?)

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