[Marxism] Too many humans?

Will Miller wmiller at uvm.edu
Thu Nov 27 09:56:37 MST 2003

	As I recall an ecologist at Cornell, David Pimentel, several 
years ago argued that the optimum sustainable (with a decent material 
quality of life for all) human population was about 2 billion people. 
On that model we are only 3 times too numerous.  10-20 generations of 
less births than the replacement rate offers a possible future 
without the dismally familiar death rate solutions--famine, disease, 
	Sustainable population and carrying capacities are real 
ecological limits within which even a socialist alternative must 
operate and, of course,  capitalism cannot.


>Mark Lause wrote:
>>I don't claim to understand how anyone can come up with such figures as
>>1,000 times too many to be sustainable.  The entire problem is that
>>what's sustainable does change over time, owing to a range of factors in
>>which human will and technology are sometimes minor considerations.
>It is not that hard, really. You can take, for example, the energy, 
>water and food requirements of the average worker in a G7 country. 
>The amount of water required to produce 1 pound of California beef 
>is 2,464 gallons according to the Water Education Foundation in 
>Sacramento. It is not Malthusian to state that this is not an 
>effective use of resources. There is an unlimited amount of soil in 
>the USA, but the Oglalla aquifer is not replenishable. Socialism can 
>do wonderful things, but unfortunately it cannot synthesize H2O.
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