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Wed Nov 26 11:05:28 MST 2003

I fully agree with the content of Michael's commentary as well.  I also
experienced the same praise from my students when I required them to read
"Naming the System."  Michael's genuine connection to the livelihood of
working people comes through his very effective conversational style. 
This really affects students because they feel that they are really
reading someone who is not making all kind of petty calculations
(including being accepted, getting funds, reviewed favorably, etc.) in his
formulations as many other progressive academics routinely make --albeit
sometimes even subconsciously.  "Naming the System" is a great book and
should  be a required reading in every economics department.

Ahmet Tonak

> Beautifully done and summed up Michael. And I'll be seeing you Dec 1st to
> teach my classes; my students are looking forward to it and for the first
> time, praised a book they were required to read--"Naming the System"
> Beautifully articulated Michael.
> Jim C.
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