[Marxism] Truth and Inconsequential

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Wed Nov 26 14:46:05 MST 2003

El Miércoles 26 de Noviembre de 2003 a las 8:37,
OpenSentence Type Foundry dijo sobre [Marxism] Truth and Inconsequential que:

> even this
> may be a little too cute for Mr. Carlsson, operating as he is in an
> environment where "collectivistic" terms like "communist" are not already
> freighted (can be linked up with longstanding mutualist "NGOS") but can
> get freighted real quick (he doesn't need to hear about what the Soviet
> Union was doing after 1925 from you, he could get on the Anglophone to
> Helsinki if he needed to). 

I didn't want to explain anything about the SU after 1925. I am no 
expert. Vadim Stoltz would do it much better than me. As for me, I 
think I know my own terrain and that's a lot of work since it is 
impossible to understand it without, at the same time, understanding 
imperialism and the main imperialist countries.

> > If by "communist" you mean revolutionary socialists in the Leninist
> > tradition, then I would rather say that there is an overwhelming
> > majority of communists on this list. 
> In other words, bait-and-switch; I'm a Left (more or less of long
> standing), it takes a lot to make Lenin an attractive figure to me.  You
> in particular bug people, and then the left-liberal nationalist cover is
> whipped off and you are infinitely more revolutionary than some small-town
> grocery checker in a developed country (unlike Argentina) could ever be;
> it's not a very "solid" practice.  

Look, dear friend, I think it is wonderful to be a small-town grocery 
checker in a developed country. Maybe there are little things I would 
like best, had I not been who I am. I love small towns and groceries. 
So that there's nothing against you nor against your small town or 
whoever's grocery counter anywhere. What's that "bait-and-switch" you 
are speaking about? I simply explained this new list member that 
there would be lots of people who could answer him as "communists", 
which says nothing about your own Leftism. It simply says that you 
are wrong in believing that there are few animals of that kind on 
Marxmail. You don't like Lenin, and that's all right with me. I would 
care more if the Russian working class didn't like him either.

And I honestly don't bug people, and honestly my English is much 
below your abilities so that those lines on the "left-liberal 
nationalist cover" does not enter my brain in any reasonable way.

> The rest of this is great, though. 

And if "the rest" is "great", why not leaving personal feelings for 
others to care about?

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