[Marxism] Nepal

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Nov 26 15:12:17 MST 2003


Mockery of US Democracy: Peace in Leaps Gun in Hands

According to the press report of Nepal, the US imperialist rulers have
decided to give 20,000 M-16s rifles to help the Royal Terrorists of
Nepal in order to kill the Nepalese people. Similarly Jana Astha weekly,
published from Kathmandu on 26 November has reported that the US is
going to handover Nepal 10 "Hegs" helicopters worth of 10 million
dollars (740 million Nepali rupees) per helicopter. According to the
press, the US has already delivered 40 packets, each packet weights 300
kilograms, of war materials on 31 October through Bulgarian air M-12. 

The US imperialism had sent 5000 M-16 rifles before and a huge amount of
money to suppress the Maoist revolutionaries. This is short of business
of the US imperialism using the civil war for selling weapons and
earning money, suppressing the revolutionary movement and the national
liberation movement and supporting the most reactionary element
decorating them as democrats. 

In this contest, the US imperialism has also been nakedly interfering in
the internal affairs of Nepal. While the peace talks were going on in
Nepal to make the Nepalese people sovereign giving complete right in the
hands of the people, the US imperialists have provoked the murderous
regime of Nepal by putting the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) in its
terrorist list. Furthermore, the more the Nepalese people have been
gaining power in the hands of themselves, the more brutal steps the US
imperialism is taking up. Sending of 20,000 weapons and putting the CPN
(Maoist) in the first rank of its terrorist list are the latest prove of
that brutality.

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