[Marxism] Re: Too many humans

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Wed Nov 26 20:31:55 MST 2003

"And then we have Jon Flanders stating the 2 billion is the  limit." DMS

He's here, he's gone, he's here again. A bit confusing, what? Happily
the slamming doors in cyberspace only mash virtual fingers, not real

Now actually Jon Flanders didn't say there was a limit of 2 billions of
sustainable, population, it was Richard Heinberg, referring to the
consequence of the end of the petroleum age, assuming that no substitute
for oil and gas will be found.

 David of course denies that there ever will be an end to the crude oil
cornucopia. Since my day job involves popping into a nice cozy 1997
Saturn and commuting 20 miles to my job repairing locomotives I can only
wish that he is right.

Unfortunately I don't think we can plan for the future on wishes.

Jon Flanders

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