[Marxism] Review of Mike Yates' new book

Derek Seidman derektheredrebel at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 27 08:51:06 MST 2003

Here's a review I did of Mike Yates' new book, "Naming
the System: Work and Inequality in the Global

(Book Review) Michael Yates' Naming the System:
Inequality and Work in the Global Economy | Derek

In his new work, Naming the System: Inequality and
Work in the Global Economy, radical economist and
labor educator Michael D. Yates attempts to illustrate
the reality of the post-1990s-boom global capitalism
for the people of the world. He debunks the myths of
the "new economy", showing how the major problems we
see in the world today-once dismissed by neoliberal
advocates as a thing of the past-are in fact
inevitable byproducts of the capitalist system. In
doing so, he paints a compelling picture-pillared by
up-to-date facts and trends and personal stories-of
the miserable reality that capitalism has rendered for
the majority of the world's inhabitants. If these
facts and illustrations weren't enough to discredit
the reigning economic system, Yates in turn uses them,
as well as the basic tenets of radical economic
theory, to issue a scathing critique of neoliberalism.

Full: http://www.lefthook.org/Politics/Seidman2%20110803.html

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