[Marxism] Against empire

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Fri Nov 28 07:44:09 MST 2003

    From Al-Ahram weekly:

Against empire
Egyptian and international anti-war organisations will meet in Cairo next 
month to voice strong opposition to the US imperial project. Amira Howeidy 

A line from 20th-century Egyptian diva Um Kulthoum's song of solidarity 
with the Palestinian people goes, "My brother, those who committed 
injustice have exceeded all limits." This line, according to Soheir Morsy, 
summarises the theme of the anti-war conference scheduled to be held in 
Cairo in December. Morsy, an Arab-American academic, is one of the 
conference organisers.

"All the lines which we thought were red have been crossed. [What's 
happening in Iraq] is plain occupation," she said, "which does not only 
involve redrawing the regional map in geographic terms, but also redrawing 
the future of our region as part of a global [US] strategy for control."

Hundreds of Arab and international activists throughout the world share 
the same vision and will come to Cairo next month to attend what is 
expected to be the region's biggest anti-occupation conference. Organised 
by the International Campaign against US and Zionist Occupations (ICAUZO), 
the Cairo conference will be held in the Egyptian Press Syndicate 
headquarters on 13 and 14 December. The meeting is convening under the 
slogan "Yes to resistance in Palestine and Iraq. No to capitalist 
globalisation and US hegemony."

The group, previously known as the International Campaign Against US 
Aggression, organised the first Cairo conference in December 2002 in the 
run-up to the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, at a time when the anti-war 
movement was at its peak.



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