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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 28 08:28:00 MST 2003

The other odd thing about the Militant's latest gyration is the naked 
hostility toward Islamic radicalism, a form of "bourgeois nationalism" in 
their eyes. Six years ago they seemed to have a different view:

"Israel, set up by London and Washington as a colonial-settler state to 
police and subjugate the toilers in the Middle East, will continue to 
confront rising resistance from Palestinians fighting occupation and 
Hezbollah guerrillas fighting to push the Israeli military out of southern 
Lebanon. Hallelujah!"


When I was a member of this group 25 years ago, this kind of political 
inconsistency would have caused an uproar in the ranks, but that was in 
"another country" as Marlowe put it in the "Jew of Malta".

He added: "besides the wench is dead".

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