[Marxism] Re: Archives access denied

Bijan Soleymani bijan at psq.com
Fri Nov 28 13:51:11 MST 2003

"Walter Lippmann" <walterlx at earthlink.net> writes:

> Recently I've tried to use the Marxmail
> archives but have been denied access to
> them. These are very important and so
> please explain what's happenin and 
> how we can get to this important stuff.

The mailing list is also archived by gmane.

You can find information about gmane at:

Basically gmane takes mailing lists and makes them accessible through
a usenet (news) gateway.

So you can read the group through usenet at:

or through the web at:

It's much better to read it through nntp if you can because you can
respond directly to the messages through nntp and you can view all the
previous articles. With the web interface you are limited to the 600
most recent messages and there's no easy way to reply to a message.

If the link for the nntp doesn't work you can access it using the
following info:
server: news.gmane.org
newsgroup: gmane.politics.marxism.marxmail 

P.S. Another fun thing is that you can send people links to the
articles. For example your article, to which I am replying is here:


Bijan Soleymani <bijan at psq.com>

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