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Sat Nov 29 05:21:15 MST 2003

List members may be interested in the latest issue of Revolutionary History.

Paul F


Just published is Volume 8, no 3 of Revolutionary History.

Its title is 'The Balkan Socialist Tradition- Balkan Socialism and the
Balkan Federation, 1871-1915'.

Main Sections

1. The Origins of the Balkan Socialist Tradition: Between Populism and

2. Marxism and the Eastern Question: Challenging the Orthodoxy 1896-97

3. Bulgarian Socialism and the Macedonian National Liberation Movement,

4. The Revolution in Turkey and the Balkan Federation

5. The Annexation of Bosnia by Austria-Hungary in 1908

6. The Balkan Federation and Balkan Social Democracy

7. The Balkan Wars of 1912-13 and the Balkan Federation

8. The First World War and the Balkan Federation

There are also the usual items of Book Reviews, Work in Progress,
Obituaries, Readers Notes and Letters.

The issue is 402 pp and costs £ (sterling) £12.95 plus postage and packing

UK £2.00

Europe £3.00

Canada and USA Air Mail £5.50

Australia and New Zealand Air Mail £6.00

Other Air Mail Rates on request.

Surface (everywhere outside UK) £2.70.

To order by Credit Card please send me two e-mails. The first with the first
half of the digits, the second with the remaining digits plus the expiry
date. To pay by other means please contact me for details.


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