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Ms. Manji's book, as per Tarek Fatah's notes, is an obvious attempt 
at pedagogic colonization of the different Muslim peoples of this 

But Mr. Fatah's notes don't tackle the issue in its entirety. It is 
OK to dismiss this attempt at bracketing the Muslim community with 
Nazi Germany, and it is always salutary to remember that in the 
battle of Stalingrad men and women of the most diverse nationalities 
and faiths put the brake to the Wehrmacht in what shall pass to 
history as one of the first clear demonstrations of the intrinsical 
unity and worthiness of the human species.  

But this line of argument is somehow facile and self-defeating 
against anti-Muslim parlance, because the Great Mufti was _not at 
all_ an isolated expression in Palestine during the 30s. Thus, it 
becomes equally important (and not equally simple) to explain why the 
Mufti's attitudes were not unwelcome among the Muslims, particularly 
among Palestinian Muslims, many of whom gave their lives for the 
"democracies" in Northern Africa, etc.. 

It is the same problem of those who "forget" that M. Ghandi actually 
_paid a visit_ to Mussolini, not only allowed Indian victims of 
British colonialism to struggle hand in hand with British soldiers 
against the Nazi war machine.

What is missing is the main issue in our current world: the fact 
that, maybe, if you come to think about it, politics in the colonial 
and semicolonial world is something different from the Great Game of 
the superpowers. And that the political necessities of these peoples 
and their ruling classes aren't less important in an explanation of 
what takes place than the political necessities of the peoples and 
ruling classes at the "core".

That is, in the end, the endless problem of "world views" that cannot 
root in the concreteness of the particular struggle at stake.

And thus become a part of the problem, not a solution.
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> Don't paint Muslim people as Nazis
> The Globe and Mail, Toronto
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> It is not often that a person thanked in the acknowledgement of a book turns
> around and announces publicly, "Thanks, but no thanks." And yet this is
> precisely what I am about to do in the case of Irshad Manji, the author of
> the newly released book The Trouble with Islam.
> My reason? To assuage the souls of the thousands of Muslims from places as
> diverse and Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan and, yes,
> even Palestine, who laid down their lives in the Second World War in battles
> from Stalingrad, which broken Hitler's back, to North Africa, where we
> helped send Hitler's Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel, scurrying back to his Berlin
> den.
> Despite the sacrifices of these men, Ms. Manji's book refers to the "Muslim
> complicity in the Holocaust." I froze as I read this serious accusation.
> Could I have missed something when I sat at the feet of Muslim veterans of
> battles in Crete, Burma, Egypt, and Italy, and heard their horror stories?
> In one fragment of a sentence, Ms. Manji places all these warriors on the
> wrong side of the battleground.
> Has Ms. Manji ever heard of the Palestine Regiment, a unit in which Jew and
> Muslim fought side-by-side against Hitler's Afrika Korps in Libya? In the
> cemeteries of El-Alamein lie the dead Muslims, the Mohammeds, the Alis and
> the Ismails who gave their lives so that Nazism could be defeated. The
> cemeteries of Stalingrad bear the names of the young Central Asian Muslims
> who lie buried, unable to refute the falsehoods being spread by fast-food
> historians. And what about the hundreds of thousands of Indian Muslims who
> fought shoulder-to-shoulder with our own Canadians in Italy and France?
> So how did Ms. Manji come up with her charge? She bases it on one Haj Amin,
> the Mufti of Jerusalem, who, as she writes, argued against Jewish refugees
> coming to Palestine and "wound up as Hitler's special guest in Berlin,
> presiding over the unveiling of the Islamic Central Institute in December
> 1942." She reasons that because one Muslim Mufti accepted the hospitality of
> Hitler, after being expelled from Palestine by the British colonial
> authorities, all we 1.2 billion Muslims, a quarter of humanity, deserve to
> be accused of complicity in the Holocaust.
> And what about other prominent Palestinians, such as Hazim Khalidi, a London
> School of Economics grad who volunteered to serve in the Indian army's
> Palestine Battalion? Or perhaps Ms. Manji may like to visit the cemetery in
> Mississauga where Sgt. Hannah Hazineh lies buried. This decorated
> Palestinian veteran of the Second World War was wounded in battle at
> El-Alamien while fighting Germans.
> There's no doubt that Haj Amin was an influential Muslim cleric in
> Jerusalem. But so were countless Catholic and Protestant clergy in Europe
> who supported Hitler, or looked the other way while their Jewish neighbours
> were being dragged off. Should we talk of Christian complicity in the
> Holocaust? Or, like the German parliamentarian who talked of a Jewish
> complicity in the Bolshevik uprising, allow the actions of a few to stain an
> entire people?
> Ms. Manji says her book is addressed to fellow Muslims. Had it been written
> in good faith, I would have understood her reasoning, even if I did not
> agree with her. However, her book is not addressed to Muslims; it is aimed
> at making Muslim-haters feel secure in their thinking. And so, I politely
> tell Ms. Manji: Thank you for thanking my wife Nargis and me for a "spirited
> discussion" that landed you "important insights." But we'd appreciate any
> mention of us being removed from future editions.
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> Tarek Fatah is host of the weekly Vision TV show The Muslim Chronicle and a
> founding member of the Muslim Canadian Congress.
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