[Marxism] Re: Militant: 'Stop Bush' protests, marked by nationalism, aid British rulers

David Amis daveamis at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Nov 30 06:46:50 MST 2003

> Paul continues...
> "...and, with trans-Atlantic economic and political tensions
> increasing, and with Europe slowly becoming a more coherent
> bloc, anti-Americanism can and almost certainly will be
> mobilised by the sections of the British ruling class who wish
> to move from the traditional British post-1945 Atlanticist
> approach towards joining whole-heartedly the Europe bloc,
> which will promote its imperialist interests at the expense of
> the USA."
> Well gee, Paul, what's a communist to do? This sort of
> anti-Americanism exists in part of the Liberal Party and the
> Tories, for sure. Again, so what? Who does this dictate
> analysis of the British anti-war coalitions? To the degree
> that the the British anti-war movement has NOT caved into to
> British chauvinism, which it clearly has not (thousands of
> "British out of Iraq NOW!" signs abundently makes this clear),
> then it's a mute issue...why raise it like a mirror of The
> Militant?
> David Walters

In a previous post, I pointed out that many of the first time marchers on
the huge anti-war demonstration that greeted Bush's visit to the UK may have
shared some of the chauvanistic anti-American sentiments that are expressed
by sections of the liberal leaning media in Britain. On the other hand, what
I didn't say was that while I do have criticisms of the analysis and tactics
of left groups over here who mobilised for the demonstration, they had a
sound anti-imperialist position. My comments were about the many previously
apolitical people whose disgust at the war on Iraq drove them to march for
the first time. All I was attempting to do was to flag up what could be a
potential problem for the future.

At some point the British ruling class is going to find their role of acting
as a bridge between Europe and the US untenable as tensions between the two
grow, not just over the war in Iraq but also over trade. If that point comes
and they decide that aligning themselves with Europe is the best option, the
pro-European liberal leaning media will doubtless be celebrating. It was
this tendency that supported the French line on how to deal with Iraq. Yet
all they were doing was supporting a seemingly more begnign form of

All I am trying to flag up is that among the thousands of previously
apolitical people who are now joining the anti-war movement, there is a
pro-European sentiment that sees Europe as a necessary counterweight to US
political and military hegenomy. Potentially, some of these people could end
up coming down on the European side in a new bout of inter-imperialist
rivalry. That is a serious potential problem for the future but one that
needs to be tackled now, not at some distant point in the future when the
damage has been done.

Dave A

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