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Reportedly, David Harvey has said:

> I share with Marx the view that imperialism, like capitalism, can
> prepare the ground for human emancipation from want and need.

This was never Marx's take. To begin with, Marx did not know 
imperialism such as we know it today. In the second place, when he 
began to realize that something of that sort was taking place (during 
the last years of his life), he immediately began to think of 
shortcuts to socialism (letter to Zasulich, etc.)

David Harvey, much as I admire him, seems to have begun to take the 
road that led Laclau and others to the swamp.

Isn't it sad? This is the man who explained in Buenos Aires, some 
years ago, that while during his early teaching days in USA he was 
amazed at the great numbers of students interested in Marxism, he was 
equally curious at the fact that now, when every prediction of Marx 
was nearer to actual life than 30 years earlier, nobody was 
interested in Marx.  Now, that the predictions of Marx and Lenin are 
truer than ever, Harvey decides that Marx had a soft criticism of 

What Marx had (and subsequently discarded) was an understanding 
though scathing view of colonialism during his early years, because 
he believed in a simple, linear expansion of capitalism the world 
over. He expected British soldiery and managers to create in India a 
competitor to the bourgeoisie in the British Islands.

It is a shame for Harvey to espouse these ideas, now. Now, with 
American and British soldiery restablishing old-fashioned colonialism 
in the Middle East.

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