[Marxism] Re: Militant: 'Stop Bush' protests...

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Nov 30 11:12:15 MST 2003

The SWP has always had problems of consistency in the extent to which it
personalized or encouraged the personalization of these issues.  In
1972, the SWP--through the SMC/PACs--but also using the
MILITANT--organized protests against the resumed bombing of Vietnam with
the slogan "Stop this Man!" next to a cartoon of Nixon.  I also remember
the buttons with "inoperative" lettered across his image.  However, the
SWP also abstained entirely from the impeachment demos on the grounds
that the problem was the system not the individual running it. 

While socialists should always couple criticisms of individual leaders
like Nixon or Dubya to the problems of the system.  However, there was
nothing inherently wrong with attacking personages that have pursued
policies that make them clearly attackable.  Nixon and his entire crew
should have been stopped.  Reagan and that entire lot of war criminals
should have been stopped.  The murderous dishonesty of the current US
chief of state--and all his collaborators on both sides of the aisle,
including Democratic presidential contenders--should be stopped.  

What's more, as millions of fair-minded working people understand with
no difficulty whatseover--when officeholders break their own rules, they
should be bounced out of office.  Calling for this measure particularly
resonates with those who are largely victims of the arbitrary nature of
those rules themselves.  Bush and his co-conspirators (including some of
the most prominent Democratic presidential contenders) should not only
be stopped but driven from office.

Mark L.

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