[Marxism] Behind the headlines on Michael Jackson

Zak McGregor zak at mighty.co.za
Sun Nov 30 16:27:28 MST 2003

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003 18:06:43 -0500
Gary Wilson <gary at wwpublish.com> wrote:

> Zak McGregor wrote:
> > Michael jackson deserves whatever he gets. His being of African-American
> > descent has _nothing_ to do with his innocence or guilt. I don't recall him
> > _ever_ taking a stand for anything that didn't help himself in some or other
> > way. He co-wrote "We are the World". BFD.
> Maybe you aren't familiar with the role of racism and national 
> oppression in the United States (though being from South Africa I'd 
> think you were), but being of African-American descent has everything to 
> do with everything that happens every day in the United States. Racism 
> is the number one issue for the class struggle here, and has been for 
> since Marx's time.

That doesn't mean that every case like this is invalid. 

> That's the issue. It does not really matter that he is not a 
> revolutionary socialist. Or is our support only supposed to go to those 
> narrowly fitting a certain definition. The working class itself is 
> pretty ugly in this regard, and would not be deserving of support if the 
> definition must be so narrow.

There is no question that not only is Jackson most definitely not any form of
revolutionary, he is definitely from the class of the elites. Why should his
ethnic background trump that? That is a ridiculous position to take.

> > He is a grossly overpaid "entertainer". He has settled out of court for
> > previous child molestation accusations - surely a silent admission of guilt?
> > He spends ridiculous amounts of money on himsedlf - plastic surgery, exotic
> > pets, lavish playthings. I have not heard any political messages coming
> > through in any of his music. 
> > 
> In your book, trial by media wins. Guilty because of plastic surgery.

No, guilty because he settled out of court previously. The point I made about
his surgery is the absurd amounts of cash he throws around purely out of
self-interest, yet now we must side with him? 
> > Screw him - I hope he rots in jail. That Worker's World seems to side with
> > him just because he is of African-American descent is IMHO detrimental to
> > their credibility. There are many tragic examples of racial discrimination
> > causing social problems and grave injustices. Michael Jackson is not such a
> > case at all. To add insult to injury, the WW is contributing space to an
> > issue they decry as drowning out all other media coverage. It is also not a
> > gender issue, gay rights issue or anything other than a question of sexual
> > abuse of young people. 
> Good to know that you know more than anyone else and know who is guilty 
> of what. Makes it easier to win your argument, in case the facts ever 
> get in the way.

Again, if he was _not_ going to be found guilty, why on earth settle? Sorry but
your arguments make no sense whatsoever, and do nothing but belittle the real
issues where racism is at the fore.

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