[Marxism] Behind the headlines on Michael Jackson

Gary Wilson gary at wwpublish.com
Sun Nov 30 17:38:00 MST 2003

Zak McGregor wrote:

>>>He is a grossly overpaid "entertainer". He has settled out of court for
>>>previous child molestation accusations - surely a silent admission of guilt?
>>>He spends ridiculous amounts of money on himsedlf - plastic surgery, exotic
>>>pets, lavish playthings. I have not heard any political messages coming
>>>through in any of his music. 
>>In your book, trial by media wins. Guilty because of plastic surgery.
> No, guilty because he settled out of court previously. The point I made about
> his surgery is the absurd amounts of cash he throws around purely out of
> self-interest, yet now we must side with him? 

Let me clarify. The article I posted does not say that we must side with 
him, and I am not saying that. What it says is that there is a racist 
media campaign being whipped up, and that people should not get captured 
by this.

Your response certainly shows your prejudices. You place a lot of 
importance on his physical appearance, and put a value judgment on the 
amount of money he spends on this. People have done many things to 
change their appearance, and the amount of money they spend on it may be 
a large part of their income. What does that matter. What does 
self-interest or more accurately self-expression have to do with his guilt?

For that matter, your legalistic argument of guilt by association with 
previous charges made against him and settled out of court relies on 
prejudice, since apparently only you know the real truth. A legal 
settlement out of court means that there was no trial and no finding of 
guilt. Whatever your prejudices are is what determines what else you 
read into this. There is no other fact in this case.

Actually, I'd say that your reaction proves very clearly the points made 
in the article and the original article holds up very strongly in the 
face of your complaints.

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