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> Michael jackson deserves whatever he gets.

***Oh, I see. You are more than eager to condemn Jackson based purely on
sensational tabloid and other and equally unreliable bourgeois coverage.***

 His being of African-American descent
> has _nothing_ to do with his innocence or guilt.

***But somehow you just know that Michael Jackson is guilty of child
molestation. You know this without any evidence presented. ***

 I don't recall him _ever_
> taking a stand for anything that didn't help himself in some or other way.
> co-wrote "We are the World". BFD.

***So, what does that have to do with the charges of child molestation? Or
are you saying that anyone who doesn't fit your standards of public displays
of altruism must be guilty of acts of pedophilia?***
> He is a grossly overpaid "entertainer".

***Okay, it is true that Michael Jackson has been paid very well for his
work. Why you put the word entertainer in quotes is beyond me. Perhaps you
don't like his music either? That's more evidence against him, I guess.

***And why are you so angry about his being "a grossly overpaid
'entertainer?'" The promoters, record execs et al. are already getting the
lion's share of the proceeds he himself has produced. Are you saying Michael
Jackson has no right to the money he has worked for? How dare he get rich
off his own music!!***

He has settled out of court for previous
> child molestation accusations - surely a silent admission of guilt?

***Not necessarily. Many an innocent person has settled out of court because
the charges are so horrifying [s]he does not want to go through the daily
mortification of a trial.***

 He spends
> ridiculous amounts of money on himsedlf - plastic surgery, exotic pets,
> playthings.

***So what? Are you saying he should acquire the same symbols of ultra
wealth that our beloved American rulers do? For instance, British
royalty-like estates, yachts, country club memberships, all the folderol to
remind themselves they have nothing in common with the working
trash...er...class? I think it's to his credit has not bought (literally)
into a lot of that crap.***

 I have not heard any political messages coming through in any of his
> music.

***So what? He isn't obliged to. Or are you saying the lack of political
messages is more evidence of his pedophilic depravity?***
> Screw him - I hope he rots in jail.

***Oops! Your biases are showing.***

 That Worker's World seems to side with him
> just because he is of African-American descent is IMHO detrimental to
> credibility.

***I don't think I want to go there, at least not at this time.***

There are many tragic examples of racial discrimination causing
> social problems and grave injustices. Michael Jackson is not such a case
at all.
> To add insult to injury, the WW is contributing space to an issue they
decry as
> drowning out all other media coverage. It is also not a gender issue, gay
> issue or anything other than a question of sexual abuse of young people.

***Again, your biases are getting the better of you.

***Frankly, I don't know if Michael Jackson is guilty or not of the charges.
I suspect at this time that he may have been set up once before and he may
be getting set up a second time. I can only conclude that at this juncture
the allegations have been based almost entirely on the fact that he is
"different," and because he is different he must be guilty of any and all
depraved acts.***

Cherie Pleau

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