[Marxism] Re: Behind the headlines on Michael Jackson

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Nov 30 18:33:47 MST 2003

I'll try to avoid going over the same points, but just on this:

>>What I am saying is that I see no reason why we should give Jackson a
moment's consideration. He has not ever used his position of influence to
highlight important issues, to raise awareness of anything - surely another
reason to think twice before lending our support to his cause?<<

As far as I'm concerned it's not about Jackson personally. He may be a
jerk, or a "freak", or a lovely person; he might be guilty of appalling
child abuse or totally innocent. How would I know? - The issues are:

1. people are innocent until proven guilty
2. we should resist moral panics about "pedophilia" which we know have a
tendency to create a homophobic atmosphere
3. we should be vigilant about racism when black people are on trial.

If Jackson is a jerk, he would not be the first jerk we've defended -- on
political grounds. Saddam is a monster, but I hope he gives the Americans
in Iraq a bloody nose.

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