[Marxism] When the boys came out to play...

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sun Nov 30 19:19:12 MST 2003

Georgie Porgie has been to Baghdad and handed out the pudding and pie to 
the troops.  His visit may have been a great propaganda coup but now the 
boys have come out to play, Georgie has run back in the White House.

As far as the troops themselves goes, once more deeply demoralising 
material reality is asserting itself and not all the spin and tricks can 
gainsay that fact.

I have seen nothing to suggest that the Goff-Hayman analysis of the 
military situation has changed. With the disastrous exception of Samarra, 
the resistance has avoided direct set piece contact with the occupying army.

To minimize its own casualties the US has retreated into its compound and 
was handing as much of the security situation and the running of the 
country over to the Coalition of the "Willing", NGOs and the Iraqis 

The resistance has responded to this by targeting all who would act as the 
"acceptable face" of imperialism. They are able to do this with near 
impunity because the USA is not really contesting the territory  or 
disrupting the movement of the Resistance outside and between the forts the 
USA holds.

This situation will continue until the USA doubles the number of troops it 
has on the ground. That means that December will in all probability be 
another cruel month for the US army and all its supporters.



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