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A guy I know does this journal, G.I. Special. It's real good, and 
NION has the current and back issues posted on their website.  
Here's one story...



Rochester Resistance:
Army Reservist Accused Of Insubordination Only One Of Eighteen 
Refusing Iraq Deployment

By BEN DOBBIN, Associated Press Writer, Nov 28

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) -- Capt. Steve McAlpin, a 25-year Army 
reservist, spent most of last year deployed in Afghanistan and just 
returned home in January.  Now his unit is about to ship out again, 
and he's facing insubordination charges for criticizing the quick 

McAlpin questioned the legality of a waiver that his battalion was 
asked to sign that would put his unit back in a combat zone after 
just 11 months at home. Under federal law, he pointed out, troops 
are allowed a 12-month "stabilization period."

About a dozen other officers refused to sign the waiver, as well as 
four enlisted soldiers called to redeploy, McAlpin said.

On Wednesday, members of his 401st Civil Affairs Battalion are 
being deployed for duty overseas, but McAlpin likely won't be among 
them. A memorandum this week notified him that he was being removed 
from the 401st's battle roster, and he said he could also face 
other punishment, including a court martial and losing rank.

The memorandum sent Wednesday commands McAlpin to clear up his 
affairs at the unit by Monday, when it bans him from battalion 
grounds. It also transfers him to the Individual Ready Reserves, 
whose soldiers can be called up in the event of a national 

Instead of signing the reprimand document, McAlpin attached a note 
of protest, stating his performance evaluations have been excellent 
and that his record shows "no pattern of incompetence." He also 
plans to meet with a military attorney.

"We signed up to fight our nation's enemies and we are fully 
prepared to do that. But if they're going to usurp the laws of this 
country at the expense of our most precious asset, our soldiers, 
then I will not stand for that, not for a minute."

McAlpin served in Bosnia in 1996. Last year, while stationed at 
Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, he was a liaison to local warlords, 
coordinated humanitarian relief supplies and organized an English-
language teaching program.

"I'm looking at something I love more than just about anything - my 
service to the Army and my fellow soldiers - and they're trying to 
stab me in the back," McAlpin said.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, he said, "we need every soldier we can 
muster," but he said the military should also "honor soldiers that 
have gone already" by giving them "a break from the hazards of 

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