A new kind of dual power?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Mon Sep 1 07:36:19 MDT 2003

Is this the Islamic version of a dual power situation?

>From the (just opened) English Al-Jazeera website:

Militia takes law into own hands

Monday 01 September 2003, 13:48 Makka Time, 10:48 GMT

A private militia in Iraq made good on its promise to take security matters
into its own hands and no longer wait for US-led occupation forces to
restore law and order.
The Badr Brigades attacked a house in Najaf owned by a former official of
the Baath party on Monday in retaliation for the bombings which killed,
among dozens of others, Ayat Allah Muhammad al-Hakim.
A police officer said the assault took place at 05:00 (01:00 GMT) when
members of the Supreme Assembly for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SAIRI)
sought to kill Karim Ghaith, in al-Ishtiraki district in the south of the
Ghaith escaped the attack although his house was eventually burnt down, but
two of the assailants died in the assault, according to the police official.
Badr Brigades militia leader, Sayyid Ali, had warned on Sunday that the
"Americans cannot give us security. It is the Iraqis who must do this and
the Badr Brigades are Iraqi. This is their right."



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