(fwd from Ted Glick) needing a kick

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Sep 1 09:49:10 MDT 2003

Dear Louis,

I wish I could be so arrogantly sure of myself when it comes to a very
bad situation. Was your column written before or after the bombing of
al-Hakim in Najaf and growing talk about civil war? And note that this
civil war, if it comes, won't be a "class war."

It'd also be nice if you'd put forward your position on what we should
say beyond "U.S. Out" and "Iraq for the Iraqis." Please enlighten
us. I respect people's opinions much more if they present constructive
alternatives and not just rhetoric.

My column was an honest effort to grapple with a very difficult
reality. Your response is something else.

Ted Glick

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