Fisk: more US troops needed after bombers murder Shiites in Najaf (and comments on the discussion)

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Mon Sep 1 20:54:05 MDT 2003

Fred Feldman writes: 

"I think the Cuban press was right to treat the UN bombing as an example
of reactionary, antipopular terrorism rather than a blow against the
"ministry of colonies." (Can Jose explain why the Cubans have understood
the OAS as the US ministry of colonies, but failed to notice that the UN
was exactly the same.)"

I don't think this accurately reflects the tone of the coverage in the
Cuban press. I did not see the condemnations. Instead, I saw a fairly
conscious attempt to distance themselves from the imperialist campaign
of condemnations.

* * *

Havana. August 20, 2003

Assault on UN mission in Baghdad

AT the close of this edition it is known that at least 17
dead, including Sergio Vieira de Mello, the special UN
representative in Iraq, and 40 injured is the initial
balance of a car bomb attack outside the mission in Baghdad.

Mello, a Brazilian of 55 years of age, was gravely injured
in the explosion, which occurred just below his office
window and his death was confirmed shortly afterwards by
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the Brazilian president, PL

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan condemned the action.

However, Paulo Delgado, foreign affairs secretary of the
Workers Party of Brazil, affirmed that responsibility for
the attack lies with the United States, with its invasion of
the country and subsequent occupation.

Delgado stated that Vieira de Mello is an international
martyr of U.S. errors, as the aggressor country cannot be
the force to impose peace.

The Al Jazeera TV network reported that the Islamic
Resistance Movement in Iraq had put out a communiqué
distancing itself from the attack on the UN mission,
condemning it and noting that this and the August 7 on the
Jordanian embassy in that country were planned and effected
in order to discredit the resistance.

In an interview with the O Estado de São Paulo daily the day
before the August 19 attack in Baghdad, Sergio Vieira de
Mello had described the occupation of Iraq by U.S. military
forces as humiliating for the Iraqi people, states a DPA

*  *  *

Granma International English Edition

Havana, August 21, 2003

Cuba sends message of condolence to Kofi Annan over the
death of the UN special representative in Iraq

Havana, August 20, 2003 Your Excellency, On hearing of the
tragic consequences of yesterday's events in the building
occupied by UN personnel in Iraq, on behalf of the
government and people of the Republic of Cuba, I would like
to transmit to yourself our deepest condolences at the death
of His Excellency Mr. Sergio Vieira de Mello, your special
representative in Iraq, and the other UN officials and
employees in Baghdad who lost their lives in that tragic

I would be extremely grateful if you could extend these
condolences to the families of the victims and to members of
the secretariat of the organization.

I take this opportunity to reiterate assurances of my
highest esteem.

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