On my polemic with Bob Gould (was Perez thunders on...)

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Mon Sep 1 23:34:45 MDT 2003

Despite the length and vigor of Bob's reply, I don't think this
discussion is advancing any, and I don't see how it can. So rather that
taking up more time on this, I'll quote part of what I posted last night
to the Australian Greenleft yahoo group, where Bob took this discussion.

"I'm not sure the discussion is going to go much further. I think at the
root of the disagreement is a disagreement on the basic character of the
struggle being waged by people in Iraq. If we agreed on THAT, the heat
of this polemic would quickly dissipate, because neither of us is in an
especially good position to judge whether or not the tactics being
pursued are the best.

"The exchange seemed to start on that level, whether the UN attack was
poor or even impermissible tactics, but a round on that quickly brought
to the fore the underlying disagreement on the character of the
struggle. Having gotten that far, it is not clear to me how much
*further* we can go. I pointed out the German 1945 analogy is completely
and radically wrong, but, of course, that is so only if you accept my
premise that what is going on in Iraq --with whatever other secondary
things mixed in-- is essentially an anti-imperialist struggle, to be
viewed in the framework of decades of such struggles. 

"Bob rejects this just as vehemently as I assert it. This is, I think,
as far as can be reasonably gotten now."

Bob quotes the whole thing in part 2 of his latest polemic, so I'll just
leave it there.

>From my point of view, Bob's comments on how erratic and surreal my post
was, that the Iraqi resistance is "imaginary" etc., just confirms to me
that we are living in two totally different worlds, as far as this issue
is concerned. 

Bob chastises me especially for the "ultraleft" quote from Malcolm X
about the Kennedy assassination. Sure, it was impolitic for him to say
that by any conceivable conventional political wisdom. But put yourself
in the position of Black people that for centuries had been the victims
of white terrorism and assassination, and suddenly whitey number one
gets the same treatment. 

Things look different from below.


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