Chavez: 5,000 Cuban doctors will work in Caracas barrios

Fred Feldman ffeldman at
Tue Sep 2 02:42:27 MDT 2003

While this is good news for any worker or peddler or unemployed person
who needs a doctor in Caracas, it is also a reminder that powerful
social and political forces headquartered in Washington and Wall
Street will be sharply stepping up their drive to topple the
Venezuelan government in the next weeks and months.  Because the
capitalist class, although somewhat beleaguered, still rules in
Venezuela, the upcoming referendum is not a shoo-in for Chavez.
Capitalist elections always tend to favor the capitalist forces --
that's why the capitalists hold them.
Fred Feldman

Five thousand Cuban doctors to work at Caracas' neighborhood

Havana, August 25 (AIN) Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez unveiled the
number of Cuban doctors to work at the poor neighborhoods of Caracas
is to double within next weeks until reaching the sum of five thousand
professionals, this announcement was made during his televised program
"Alo, Presidente".

Trabajadores Weekly Edition reported the Venezuelan governor explained
this was a preposition made by his Cuban colleague Fidel Castro and he
accepted it. Chavez reiterated is an unconstitutional madness to
ascertain that it is midnight when it is really noon, referring to the
recent court decision that disallowed the practice of Cuban doctors
that already live and work in those neighborhoods.

Chavez also recalled that his government will appeal the decision and
will deny the three judges' decision that evaluated the measure
against the plan. The government keeps on going saying that this
Court's first instance decision does not fit to any legal rule and it
favors political and private interests to that of the masses and
violates constitutional rights on life and health.

Chavez stressed that the presence of Cuban doctors is a consequence of
an agreement undersigned between State Chiefs and that can not be
interfered by three of the five Court's members with its decision of
extra limiting its functions.

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